To operate the Hyer Big-E Rig, a water filter and a water pipe are required.

By just e-nails attaching your water filter to the docking station, you may dab at temperatures between 160°C and 455°C. Both the quartz glass nails and the ceramic heating element enhance the flavour and aroma of food and make cooking more enjoyable. The clamping mechanisms of the Big-E rig are adaptable and compatible with a wide range of water filters.

The Big-E Rig by Hyer achieves its intended purpose.

The design of the Hyer Big-Operation E’s is straightforward. The docking station’s adjustable clamp can be used to secure the water filter’s base. By twisting the knob on the side of the Hyer Big-E clamp counterclockwise, you can expand the clamp’s size. After inserting the water filter, secure it by turning the clamp clockwise. The quartz nail included with your glass pipe can now be affixed. In addition to the 14mm and 18mm diameters, the Hyer Big-E is compatible with male cutting. The heating element of the banger is maintained in place by rubber O-rings put into the banger’s nail.

The Hyer Big-E apparatus must be activated by depressing and holding the power switch for many seconds. The “+” and “-” buttons allow the user to adjust the temperature to their liking. To initiate the heating process, hit the thermostat’s power button. It will be ready in approximately a minute and a half. The Hyer Big-E can spread temperatures of up to 455 degrees Celsius and produce enormous hits, however the ceramic heating element will burn rather than heat if you use a lighter to heat it. In the Hyer Big-E, a ceramic heating element with a 30W output may be found. This method results in more flavorful and easier-to-inhale tobacco dabs than the conventional technique.

The two extensible panels of the Hyer Big-E Rig vaporizer are powered by four 18650 batteries. If additional panels are necessary, they can be added. There are USB-C charging connectors on the Big e dab rigs. However, a power supply unit with a maximum consumption of 18 W may be used. The USB port can be used to charge other devices, including a cell phone .

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