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Everyone wants to be beautiful. There’s something magical about someone who has naturally glowing skin. She appears healthier, more cheerful and radiant. Do you ever find yourself jealous of someone else who is looking great? What’s the secret to look fresh, younger looking and radiant?

What is Skin?

It is the largest organ in your body and takes up about 16 percent of the body’s weight. Every 24 hours your skin tears up dead cells. As you age , it takes longer for your skin’s renewal process to take place it self. The skin is able to renew itself every 10-14 days for younger individuals, however it could take up to 28 days for people who are older.

The epidermis is the outermost layer of your skin.

Your skin is always absorbing and releasing harmful substances. liquid collagen supplement liposomal  Your skin’s tone is affected by your constant exposure to harmful toxins and pollutants like pollution from industrial waste , airborne exhaust fumes as well as poor eating habits.

The main function of the Skin

The largest organ in your body, your skin serves many purposes.

1. Skin protects your body from the elements.

2. The skin protects the internal organs. It also shields from external stressors.

3. It helps prevent excessive loss of water in the body. It also shields the body from infection.

4. This assists in cleansing the body by eliminating excess fluids.

As you can see, there are many external factors which impact upon your skin’s ability to look radiant and healthy.

There are many things you can do for your skin’s health to get rid of contaminants and bacteria.

Four Self-Care Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Glam

1. Eliminate fast food and fizzy beverages.

The appearance of your skin is an indicator of your overall health, and also your overall wellness. My daughters are teenagers and eat an average fast food and fizzy drink diet. They are giving up fast food such as burgers, such as, and fizzy drinks like coke or other drinks, in preference to fruit juice and water for Lent. It’s only been a week but already their skin looks healthy, their spots and pimples have cleared out and they’ll have more money at the end of the day in their purse! It will be fascinating to see how they get through the course of Lent gets closer.

So, if you have some concerns about your appearance, and your diet consists of fast food, take-aways with a lot of fat and fizzy drinks, maybe you should try some days without eating these foods and observe the consequences it may have on your skin.

2. Dry skin brushing

Brushing your skin dry can enhance the appearance of your skin, as it increases the speed of release of toxins through the body.

Prior to taking shower or bath is the ideal time to wash your face and dry it.

Use a quality natural bristle wooden handle that has soft bristles. Since this helps improve circulation, always make sure to brush your skin in the direction where your heart is when you are using a body brush. Start at the bottom of your feet. Use lengthy strokes, then apply the brush to the soles of your feet, work your way up your inner and outer thighs, then up your arms, over your shoulders and downwards to your back. Use small, circular counterclockwise strokes to lightly massage your stomach. Avoid touching areas of your body that are damaged or damaged. After you are done brushing then take a soothing bath or shower to take a lavish pamper treatment.

3. Drink More Water

Consuming more water (or certain herbal teas) is the most natural and simple method of cleansing and purify your system. Drink between 6 and 8 glasses of water every day or more if you work-out. Water keeps your brain hydrated and work more efficiently. Begin your day with hot water along with small slices of lemon in. It is also possible to add slices of lemon to the 6-8 glasses of water you drink to help alkaline your body.

4. Facial Steam

Steaming your face helps release stale oils, opens your pores and helps eliminate impurities. Make a small container of hot (not boiling!) water to steam your face. If you’ve got fresh herbs like lavender, chamomile, peppermint chop them and wash them and then add them to the bowl. Or, you could use some drops of essential oils in the water.Lean over the bowl and immerse your face immersed in the steam. Lay a towel on top of your bowl. You can leave it for about 10 to 20 minutes. You can top-up the water in case it gets cooler. When the steaming process is finished, use a damp cloth to clean your face and dry it.


Being the biggest organ in the body, the skin is exposed to all kinds of toxic external toxins as well as internal bacteria. Unhealthy eating habits and bad lifestyle choices create havoc with the way your skin looks. Drink more fluid water, dry face steams, skin brushing and removing fast food and fizzy drinks, are all self-care methods you can employ to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

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